Symposium Overview


Established in the early 1990s, Horizons Symposiums were well received, with diverse topics that created a collaborative environment to facilitate new research and development. Based on changes in technology and resources available today, we look forward to the return of this series.

Horizons will provide a platform for industry, academia, and government research staff to network, discuss problems, and propose solutions for heat transfer in environmental technology applications.

This event will feature presentations and panel sessions on

  • WATER QUALITY: Desalination, wastewater treatment, zero liquid discharge, water fouling
  • AIR QUALITY: Carbon capture, sulfur and NOx reduction, indoor air quality
  • RENEWABLE ENERGY: Geothermal, direct solar thermal, fuel cells, Li-ion battery energy storage

HTRI will provide complimentary registration, two nights’ accommodation at the symposium hotel, and a US$500 travel stipend for up to three graduate students/postdocs. The scholarship application deadline is August 15, 2020. Scholarship application details are provided during registration.