Design and Test of High-Temperature Recuperator (HTR) for Carbonate Fuel Cells

APRIL 21, 09:45 – 10:10
Session: Renewable Energy

Lou Curcio

Senior Engineering Associate

ExxonMobil Research & Engineering Company


* This abstract was co-authored by Lou Curcio (ExxonMobil Research & Engineering Company) and Chris Howard (FuelCell Energy, Inc.).

FuelCell Energy’s proprietary technology uses carbonate fuel cells to efficiently capture and concentrate carbon dioxide streams from large industrial sources. Combustion exhaust is directed to the fuel cell, which produces power while capturing and concentrating carbon dioxide for permanent storage. To further increase the efficiency of high-temperature fuel cells, it is important to integrate high-effectiveness heat recovery systems within the modular design. As part of ExxonMobil’s partnership with FuelCell Energy, two pilot-scale recuperators were designed, fabricated and tested. Process information and performance data were obtained for use in the design of MW-scale high temperature recuperators. The results of the pilot-scale high temperature recuperator tests demonstrated effective heat recovery and device integrity.